When the Life You Designed Changes Overnight

Handling the Uncertainty of COVID-19

March 26, 2020

At Stonewood Interiors, we want you to know that we are thinking of you during this time of uncertainty and change. To help ease the worry, we’d like to share four simple acts you can do in the comfort of your own home. We hope they help!

Start with gratitude.

When was the last time we were able to spend this much time with your children, spouse or yourself!?  Use this time to reconnect: play a game, work on a puzzle together, explore an interesting topic, visit a museum virtually (we love London’s National Gallery), or cook a meal together. Whatever the choice, be grateful and cherish the moments. Due to social distancing, we know not everyone you love can be at home with you! In this case, close your eyes and think of them, then say “thank you” for their safety and yours.

Write a letter to a loved one.

It’s not often that we take the time to write letters to those we love as our busy schedules keep our minds focused on other things.  Now, all we have is time. A brief note to express how much someone means to you, how much you appreciated a recent kind gesture, or just because you were thinking of them will deliver a little sunshine during this stormy time. We’re breaking out our stationery from the amazing paper goods at Dixie Design Collective- no more saving pretty things for the “right” time. NOW is the right time!

Take a stroll.

Walking clears the mind, increases endorphins and makes us feel happier. Why not walk around the neighborhood or your property and search for signs of spring? Take pictures too as a reminder that there is a silver lining in every experience. PRODUCTIVE-PRO-TIP: If you’re craving a feeling of productivity, put on a pair of gardening gloves, grab a plastic bag, and pick up weeds or small trash around your neighborhood as you stroll!

Take a break from the news.

Too much information can have a negative effect, especially during a crisis. Turning off the TV, walking away from your computer, and putting you cell phone down for a little while will give you time to regroup, refocus and reenergize.

Remember, we are all in this together. This is a global event that has affected each and every one of us. Let’s continue to support one another, stay in the moment, and have faith that, this too, shall pass.

Stay well,

Donna and Jennifer

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