Updating Your Home In Stages | Ambler Series #1

Family First

March 10, 2021

We are so appreciative to work with such wonderful  people over the years! We are even more grateful to be able to continue our work during COVID. Last year was challenging for a plethora of reasons, but it is through those challenges that we also found hope and inspiration. One of our silver linings was realizing that a well-designed home for our clients can be accomplished from the comfort and safety of our own homes. That is exactly how we designed a house in Ambler, PA– from afar!

Over the last 2+ years, we have gone from floor to floor with this family of five to update each space of their forever-home. We’ll take you through the results of each space in several blog posts! 


The journey began in 2018.

Our clients moved into a 1952 single-family colonial, which they had lived in for many years before deciding to renovate. We worked with their architect to create a space that would include a vaulted beamed  ceiling, gas fireplace, large windows, and a pair of French doors to expose the room to sunlight, and views of their large deck and  beautiful backyard. We designed custom built-in shelving and cabinetry, as well as a reading bench and storage bins for their three children.



Before Photos 1 & 2 are looking into the space before work began. In Before Photo 3, you’ll see that a featured piece of art from the dining room was moved to the new family room. 


Design is all about the details, so we added the children’s names to each  bin.  The floor plan we gave them included comfortable seating for this lovely family of five with plenty of room for guests! The tile fireplace surround brings a transitional-flare, and is the perfect home for the family’s TV above the fireplace. It is a central location and acts as the perfect focal point!

Furnishing for family & function

The furniture that fit the floor plan and their family-needs were a sofa, two swivel chairs and a tilt-back chair with an ottoman. The swivel chairs turn 360 degrees, so they can swivel to watch TV, swivel to view the backyard, or swivel be involved with the kids at the game table.

For those of you who are not familiar with a tilt-back chair, here is a short explanation. If you love the comfort of a recliner but dislike the look, a tilt-back chair is the perfect answer. It is a more tailored chair that does not need to  be plugged in. When necessary, it charges with your phone charger, which is perfectly brilliant!

Notable furniture features: the end tables include storage, and the coffee table compliments the acrylic occasional table. Adding different finishes and textures created an  interesting and inviting design. We placed two matching lamps on each end table to provide warmth and task lighting, but the jewel of the room was the chandelier.  Most people do not realize how important lighting is to a room, and this design is a perfect example of how a beautiful chandelier became the icing on the cake! With  attention to scale, design, and color, a chandelier can transform any space!

Considering the kids in your design

Another aspect of our design to note is the fabric selection. With three young children, it is easy to see too much potential for spills and stains before you even begin! They did not want to compromise on style and sophistication, a choice we fully agree with! Today, there are a magnitude of fabrics that are stain resistant. So have no fear, families!

We chose accordingly and were able to incorporate the contemporary fabric designs our clients preferred. Mixing the right patterns and colors took the design to new heights. And let us not forget what is underfoot! The area rug is just as important as the furniture. In this case, we had a neutral textured rug cut to size and bound, which anchored the room. Lastly, we placed accessories and hung our client’s cherished artwork, a necessary and final layer which added more warmth and meaning to the family room.

Designing for daily-life

We mean the good, the bad, and the messy parts of a family’s life inside their home. The back of the house included a mudroom, office and powder room (we’ll get to those spaces later!). Never underestimate the power of a durable back entry! The mudroom was made to incorporate enough storage for the children, but again not compromise the style of the surrounding areas. The storage had to coordinate with the more styled areas that opened to this heavily-used space.


The answer was custom cubbies for each child’s belongings, large tile flooring, and painted walls. Our painter usually recommends Sherwin Williams for easy cleaning. The whimsical wallpaper and the flooring from the  mudroom continued the flow into the powder room– again style was not to be compromised! Bathroom fixtures, placement of the toilet and a new faux wood 2” blind on the window completed the design.


The family was thrilled with the design outcome of the first floor. So were we, and you haven’t seen it all yet! Like we said, from floor to floor, this family has spent a few years getting each space right. Our home plans can always be set aside due to time, budget, life events, but if you look at it as a slow and steady process, everyone benefits! Not only do you allow yourself time to live in the space and see what your true needs are, but you take some of the pressure off of a job that many people already find overwhelming.

That is where we come in! We project manage, prioritize decisions, and help manage emotions for the longest and shorted of interior design projects. We’re in it for the long (or short) haul, just like you! This special family now had a home that flowed from room to room and was filled with the comfort, beauty and functionality they had longed for.

Now, travel to 2020 for Before & After results of the dining room and kitchen! >>>


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