How I Filled My Empty Nest

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March 15, 2020

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We even say, “Change is good.” Does that mean our homes should be changing too? Not always…

As an empty nester my husband and I are always trying to decide if we should move. We love our home, it’s where we raised our children and where most of our memories were made. But is it becoming too much for us? We are luckier than most empty nesters in that we don’t have a mini-mansion. We have ample room for guests, a nice yard where the dog can run and we know all of our neighbors. We are in good health and don’t have any trouble with the stairs. I look across the street at my 92-year-old neighbor who still lives in her home and I think, why not?

There are many areas I did over the years so that I could “fall in love” with my home all over again, AND bring it into the 21st century. Otherwise, if I didn’t make little changes over the years, I would not love the house as much as I do, for as long as I have!

First, I remodeled our 52-year-old bathroom.

Yes, you heard right, a small blue bath with one sink, one toilet and a shower that’s inside a bathtub. I removed a small wall to put double sinks in the vanity, eliminated the tub to create a walk in shower with sleek glass doors, took out the soffit and added recessed lighting. I also decided to create a pocket door instead of double French doors to take up less of my valuable bathroom space. Plus, gone is my Queen Anne cherry, everything matches furniture (no the kids don’t want it) to a more sophisticated, calming, nothing matches spa like retreat master bedroom.

Next, our large empty kids’ rooms!

Since the kids’ rooms were the largest, I turned my son’s room into the new guest bedroom- complete with a door into the the guest bathroom. He always shared the bathroom with his sister, so we didn’t make this change until she was grown too. With everyone gone, it eventually made sense to have a guest suite complete with easy access to a large (also remodeled) bath. For resale down the road, I left the tub in this bathroom… or if I am someday blessed with grandchildren- a place to bathe them.

I had our daughter’s room freshly painted in my favorite neutral color (Edgecomb Gray – HC 173 by BenMoore). She’s my artist and I let her paint her room hot pink, bright yellow and turquoise when she was in high school. Do you know how hard that was for a mama who is an Interior Designer? She loved it, and I have to admit it was perfect for her. After taking down all the posters and putting away all of her mementoes, I added shutters on her windows, new bedding, updated wall art and added more lighting. It’s still her room, but now the grown-up version for when she visits. She graduated three years ago from college so it was time for a change!

Finally, I got the oasis of my dreams!

Last to be tackled was turning the fourth bedroom into my escape from everything room, or my She Shed. My husband has the basement for his Man Cave, so it only made sense for me to have my space complete with a reading nook, chaise and built in bookcases for all of my books! I designed the room to be cozy, relaxing and functional. It’s not fussy or cluttered- just the way I like it.

There are still things I want to accomplish on the first floor, but those will have to wait until I have more money or energy- whichever comes first! I am constantly rearranging what I have for an updated living area. In fact, rearranging worked so well for me that Stonewood Interiors now offers a Designer For A Day service where we do the same for others over the course of one single day!

Then, I got honest about my clutter…

This year, I decluttered and gave away things that I just didn’t use. As an empty nester, I don’t want to spend all of my free time cleaning. I have eliminated everything on my kitchen counters, yes that’s correct, everything! When was the last time I used those canisters that took up so much room, or the cookie jar that was always calling my name? I removed them and haven’t looked back. Instant update! I removed our small kitchen table and replaced it with a rug, two chairs, table and a lamp. It’s perfect for my husband and I to share a cup of morning coffee. We now eat in the dining room, and I have to admit with candlelight it is really romantic. It is a place where we discuss our days’ activities together. (For real progress, download our FREE Decluttering Guide!)

Now, I’m so happy we stayed!

You have likely figured out by now that we decided to stay put! I am a firm believer in living each day to its fullest and enjoying every moment. For now, this is the right decision for us. With little changes, you too can have a home you love and live the life you have always wanted. Feel free to ask me about the process by contacting our design team today!

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