Designing in Phases: The Upstairs | Ambler Series #3

Two years & a pandemic later...

March 10, 2021

Designing the first floor at our wonderful client’s house in Ambler, PA was quite a thrill, so when they asked us to help them with their master bedroom, we jumped at the opportunity! (If you haven’t read about the first floor living room & kitchen where we began in 2018, check out the other two blogs from this same project!)

Even experts can embrace new challenges!

We were excited not only because we enjoyed working with this couple, but because we would be designing remotely – and we embraced the challenge! During that first Zoom call, we discussed their needs, desires, budget, style, timing and logistics. Since we already understood their aesthetic, it made the design process easier. Although new design innovations pop-up every season, we made sure they were briefed on the latest and greatest options. We quickly got to work on a floor plan, all new furniture, lighting, paint color and carpeting.

Designs need a clear & actionable goal.

The goal for the master bedroom was to create an elegant escape with relaxing colors and comfortable furniture. It also had to serve as an office for one of the homeowners who was now working remotely. We placed an upholstered king bed in the middle of the room. Because of the vaulted ceiling, it was important to place it exactly in the middle of the vault, or the room would look unbalanced. Also, there were windows on both sides of the bed, but not equidistant from the bed. This was another vital reason to place the bed exactly in the middle of the room. Colors and textures cannot hide a lop-sided layout!

Our clients asked to use their existing coverlet and euro shams in the new design. The coverlet was a beautiful eggplant color, so we decided to repeat the tone on the vaulted ceiling. Doing so helped to disperse the accent color and give the impression of a lower ceiling, which helped rid the room of the cavernous feeling. We found a beautiful duvet cover and king shams from a favorite vendor of ours to highlight the eggplant color again, but with a more quiet floral design. A long bench in a neutral solid fabric then anchors the space.


Finding furniture from afar

On either side of the bed, we placed a contemporary chest of drawers. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and function as additional storage. The length and depth of the chests left ample room for beautiful lamps, cell phones, chargers, pictures and books.

A chaise was placed in the far corner, as it was important for the homeowner to have a place to curl up at the days end to read or watch TV (we love the devotion to self-care!). The wall next to the chaise was large enough to hang an oversized work of art that could relate to the bedding color and pull your eye into the room from the entry. Across from the chaise, we created a workspace with a sleek, feminine, white lacquered desk. A simple gold lamp and bamboo desk chair completed the look. This new nook served as a workspace for Zoom calls with a beautiful backdrop – very  important as we were all now navigating professional-life at home. The full-length mirror in the space adds function and reflects the beautiful décor.

Sophistication from floor to ceiling

The last detail was removing the existing ceiling fan and replacing it with a perfectly scaled orb chandelier. It illuminated the room magically and pulled the entire design together. (Remember from our 2018 project with this client– mom and dad were NOT willing to compromise on sophistication. A motto that served their home well through each phase of design.) To carry the feeling of the bedroom to the bathroom, we repeated the eggplant color in the grass cloth on the walls, chose a neutral tile for the floor, and found a transitional sculpture to give the room a little something unexpected. A burled wooden chest was placed under the window, which warmed up the room and incorporated a family heirloom into the design.

Down the hall, the laundry room needed a little TLC, so we had new cabinets custom made and installed them above and across from the washer and dryer for added storage. Often the ceiling is overlooked, but we think of it as a third wall. In this room, we painted it deep blue – another unexpected pop! However, the most exciting part of the laundry room design was the addition of a barn door. In order to utilize as much space as possible, we did not want a door to swing into the room or out into the hallway, and the barn door was a perfect remedy. It served as a functional alternative to a standard door, as well as being an aesthetically pleasing detail that added personality and fun to the home!

Kid #1 was ready for a change as well!

At the end of the hall was the oldest son’s room. He needed bedroom furniture to replace the old and grow with him – a platform bed and matching nightstand fit the bill! The finishes for his bathroom compliment the hall bathroom, which included the cabinet, faucets, tub, shower, floor and shower tile, glass shower door, vanity top, sink and wall color. The result was a more streamlined design that provided everything three growing boys need!

Designing beautiful rooms for our clients is our passion and working with one family on nearly their ENTIRE HOME makes it even more amazing! Meeting our client’s design needs is the priority, but the lasting relationships matter most. We thoroughly enjoyed working with our adorable Ambler family in 2018, 2020, and we look forward to designing with them again in the future. THANK YOU for trusting us during the start of such unprecedented times! 

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