5 Reasons to Love Fall Decor

September 10, 2019

We try very hard not to wish time away, but few changes are more welcome each year than the transition from summer to fall! As the kiddos settle into a school routine, friends return from summer travels and the days get shorter, the richness of this season is one of our favorites!

The first thing that comes to mind is the changing colors of the leaves from light green with florals to deep, toasted reds and yellows. Swapping out cooler summer colors for warmer tones will create a cozier environment inside your home. Change is good, we promise, but here’s how to make it great!

1. Start with the front door.
First impressions are lasting, and the front door is the first thing neighbors and visitors see when they look at your home. An autumn-inspired wreath will set the tone for everything else inside. We approach wreaths two ways:

For those who Harvest.

Traditional pre-made wreaths with natural elements like foliage, feathers, and wheat are an effortless way to embrace the season. Shop for something that will help you transition into winter too like acorns or twigs. Changing out the ribbon from copper and brass to red and white will make it feel like an entirely new piece!

(Photo Caption: We have a new home at 1611 Hamilton Street in Allentown, so we amped up our wreath-game so guests feel extra welcome at our Sept. 26 Open House!)

For those who Haunt!

Not everyone feels inspired by mother nature, this is when we go full-blown-fall-funk! This year’s go-to piece has to be these interchangeable Mini Gallery Striped Wreaths from The Round Top Collection. The 18 inch black and white circle hangs on the door and you add the square framed pumpkin or scarecrow of your choice. Swap it out November 1st for the rustic bird’s nest (and on March 1st as a spring nest too). They just arrived in the shop, so come test them out!

(Photo Captions: The Round Top Collection thinks of all the best things all year long!)

2. Create a gourd-ous porch!
Support your local nursery through the end of the season by buying mums and cabbage to place in a pair of planters on either side of your porch entry. Some mums have 360 degrees of fullness, others seem to have a bald spot or two. Pumpkins and gourds can be placed in the planters to fill in the gaps, or used to decorate the porch floor around the planters. Hay bales, larger pumpkins (we like the ones with the worts!) and corn stalks add height and drama to the design to assure all your hard work can be seen from the street.

(Caption: Our friends at Park Hill Collections introduced us to this gorgeous outdoor display at Onion Creek Home.)

3. Add warmth with candles.
Interior design not just eye-candy. The sounds, smells and tastes inside your home are often how memories are made. Addings fall-inspired candles in common areas like the kitchen and living room help to create a calm and welcoming environment. A pair of lanterns, a trio of glass or wood candlesticks, or a simple spice scented candle will do the trick.

(Photo Caption: Have you ever seen a more beautiful candle box? The scent by Lux is gift enough, but the box they sent us is a definite bonus!)

4. Play around with plaid!
We’ve debated whether plaid and buffalo check are lasting trends or decor on its way out. Our conclusion, like many good design choices, is that anything rooted in function and tradition tends to last. The usefulness of plaid in flannel work shirts and the nostalgia of historic family patterns are both part of why plaid has stood the test of time. So go ahead and add that accent pillow trimmed in plaid to your sofa or entry bench, the pattern is here to stay! Entertaining this fall, tie a plaid ribbon around a burlap-wrapped glass jar and fill it with foliage from your yard for DIY centerpieces.

(Photo Caption: Jonathan Charles, we love him, we carry him! He doesn’t make plaid more complicated than it needs to be. Thin lines and clean patterns in warm, fall colors will make a big difference!)

5. Making a magnificent mantle
The mantle is an important focal point in a room and should not be overlooked as we approach the holiday season. Garland full of pumpkins, leaves and vines add movement and color to an often flat surface. Add a pair of chunky candlesticks with rust-colored pillar candles, and don’t forget to add artwork! Weight and balance are key to creating a dramatic mantle and artwork will help complete the look. Speaking of artwork, our 20 Steps Toward Living Your Best Life below breaks down the size and amount of art you need to love your home!

(Caption: We use Pinterest to collect seasonal decor ideas throughout the year, like this mantel inspiration we found in late spring!)

And hey, if you’ve fallen victim to purchasing fall decor from the retail stores that put it on their shelves on July 5, we’re not judging you. We’ve all had fall-crazy moments! Our clients find sanity with our Designer for a Day service, which brings us into your home to redecorate with the items you already own. Your favorite laughing witch from your childhood? Love it! Got nine plaid pillows on clearance? Perfect! We’ll place all of them to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

Get in touch to let us know if you applied our design advice to your home, office, apartment, porch or condo this fall!

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