12 Days of Redecorating 

Deck Your Halls by Rethinking Items You Already Own!

December 9, 2019

If we can shop in our closets for new outfits, why can’t we do the same in our basements, attics and guest rooms? Clients call on us to be their Designers for a Day and unlock the potential within all areas of their home. We LOVE this service! It just makes so much sense to have two professional designers in your home for 6 hours only focusing on the areas you see but can’t seem to improve and using your stuff to improve them.

But we REALLY LOVE it because it is often the most helpful service. Genuinely and hugely helpful to individuals and families who are at a loss for how to make their home more functional with the items that are important to them. We use the decorative objects you already own as your secret weapon to redesigning on a budget! Utilizing these pieces in new ways allows you to honor the loved ones or special places from which they came.

In honor of the holiday season, here are our 12 Days of Redecorating that you should get started on before the New Year! January 1 has enough pressure as it is, so let these small changes be just that– small and easy to do!

1. Turn floor clocks or accent tables close to a corner on a new angle. Flat against one wall, or on a 90 degree angle, this change can make a big difference!

2. Wallflowers not welcome! Joking, everyone is welcome in our home. We mean, furniture wallflowers that are pushed up against every wall in a room. Bump items out a few inches or rearrange in the center of a room to add function to the space.

3. Follow the trusted Rule of Three

Meaning, objects look better in groups of odd numbers. Arrangements in threes would include things like decorative books, candlesticks and picture frames. Because everything is better at the holidays, you can up that number to five, seven, or nine for bigger arrangement that will decorate a large mantel or generous surface space.


4. Pull out your pretty plates and colorful pitchers and arrange them in glass-front cabinets or open shelving. It is nice that guests get to see these serving pieces once a year, but you deserve to enjoy them for longer than that! Try it out until Valentine’s Day, then send them off back to their storage boxes.

5. Arrange your books by color to make a potential mess look like a curated collection of knowledge!

6. Hang an ornate, but empty, decorative frame over a flat mantel mirror to create a layered and updated look. You can hang it with temporary hooks that stick well to all surfaces.

7. Raid the guest room!

Chances are this room is flawless 11 months out of the year. If you have a piece of wall art, small mirror or pair of table lamps, swap them out with a like-item from your own bedroom and give yourself the same red carpet treatment you give your guests. These items can easily be switched back when the time is right.

8. Visit your photo vault. Replace a few current photos (2000 to today) of family, grandkids or vacations with photos that that take you back (1980 or earlier). If you have black and white photos– even better! The look of a vintage photograph is what has made Instagram the biggest app in the world, so bring that same appeal to your home. Visitors will enjoy seeing old photos of themselves and you’ll likely stop and smile as you hustle through the same halls!

9. Sometimes decluttering is what you really need rather than redecorating. The stuff you loved is under there, you just have to dig it out! Like we’ve said before in our Decluttering Guide, the only way out is through. That’s right, through. Empty the contents of your shelves and cabinets and say a prayer. To truly see what clutter you have collected, you have to be able to see it all at once. Categorize the piles and remove or donate before you put anything back.

10. No one loves window treatments more than us, but if you have valances above your window get rid of them! They make ceilings look low and can block great natural light. Better to have nothing than the wrong thing! You can get some new drapery inspiration from our favorites at Kravet, Inc. 

11. Pillows are one item you may need to order new…

Fun pillows can range from $16 to $260, and with such a wide gap in pricing it is easy to have your focus fall through the cracks. We think $150 is a very respectable price for a quality throw pillow that will last and solidify the cozy-upscale feel you are looking for. If you have an antique coffee table and a $4,000 couch, a $16 pillow is going to stand out and not in a good way! Spending a few hundred dollars on accent decor will save you from thinking you need a new couch down the road.


12. Liven up ordinary spaces with a pop of paint color, removable wallpaper or large art (we just stocked up on lots of prints from Soicher Marin). We’re talking small powder rooms, entry spaces, pantry doors and that weird wall going up your steps. We tend to never approach redecorating these areas because looking at the big picture can be too overwhelming to notice smaller potential. However, even calling in an expert for a quick fix is so much smarter than trying it, yet again, on your own!

NEW ART ALERT from High Point Market have arrived in our shop at 1611 Hamilton Street!

Give yourself a little credit for Christmas, you have GREAT taste, but we all need some professional input when putting it all together. We tell our clients, you give us one day and we’ll give you back 364 of them. 2020 is the year that you deserve to move forward with your life to begin loving your home again. It can be done with a little help from our team and a whole lot of inspiration that you’ve already been collecting!

Look into our Designer For a Day services for 2020!

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