10 Helpful Hints for Creating a Focal Point 

Focus on these tips and you'll be all set!

May 7, 2020

The focal point is one of the most fundamental elements in interior design. As a writer at Fresh Home once said, “Put simply, it’s the star of the room.” It is the spot where your eyes should land when you enter the room. It is the central area for which you build the rest of your design around. These 10 tips will help you narrow your focus to create a room you love!

  1. Identify the largest and most dramatic element in the room, such as an exposed wall, fireplace, exceptional view, work of art, a cherished keepsake, or an antique.

  2. Engage the focal point by arranging furniture and accessories around it to create balance.

  3. The focal point should be large and dramatic enough to provide impact. Impact is easy to achieve with a fireplace or a large window, but it can get tricky if you don’t have those things in a room. In that case, highlight what you consider to be the BEST feature in the room!

    A gallery wall works as a focal point as long as the artwork has a pattern or flow to it, and is the right size for the space. Too small is never a good thing!

  4. Enlarge the focal point by adding art and/or accessories on either side for a more striking affect. Even if your room has a built-in focal point, adding extra details to frame it on each side will ensure that the eye falls to the right place by really capturing its attention.

  5. Apply the same idea of adding artwork and accessories to your bedroom by decorating the area above your bed. Doing so won’t take away from the central focus of your headboard, but rather compliment its presence in the room.

    We found this lovely set-up at High Point Market in 2019! See how the large mirror acts as the perfect focal point for a nice conversation area?

  6. Use a mirror with architectural interest or a collection of similarly framed art above a chest or table in your entry. (Helpful hint:  If you are using a mirror, be sure it reflects something beautiful such as colorful artwork or a picturesque landscape).

  7. If the TV is the focal point in your family room, expand the wall with family photos in black frames.  Be sure to choose larger sizes, such as 16” x 20”, to weight the wall, provide cohesiveness and the proper scale.

    Our home away from home! There is a beautiful mantle inside our Allentown design studio and we change the decor seasonally while always keeping it the star-attraction when clients come to visit.

  8. Create symmetry on a console or mantle.  Placing chunky candlesticks, ginger jars, or a beautiful pair of lamps on either side of an exquisitely framed piece of art not only draws the eye in, but also creates a dramatic focal point.

  9. Think differently.  Hang an antique rug or tapestry on the wall.  Frame a favorite scarf. Sometimes it’s better to stand out by breaking a design rule or two!

  10. Whatever the focal point, if you allow it be a reflection of WHO you are, you will never be disappointed. Pictured above is a recent project out of Saucon Valley, Pennsylvania. The client owns horses, so we couldn’t resist using this statement piece from The Wendover Art Group to create a one of a kind focal point!

We know there is a lot to focus on these days! Let us know if we can help talk you through an upcoming design project, or get you started on the right track. We have been chatting on Zoom video calls with clients while at home and it’s been great to help homeowners while a new idea is fresh in their minds. Email us at stonewoodinteriorspa@gmail.com to set-up a call!

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